Family [F256]



Thomas GORDON [P410] = Isabella PATERSON [P920]

Married 3 Dec 1858, Clackmannan1


Christened 28 May 1836, Saline
Died 14 Oct 1919, Abbey Road Place, Stirling2
Occupation: Storekeeper, ploughman, labourer
Cause of death: Chronic rheumatism, ulcer of leg
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Saline par., Fife: Thomas Gordon to Thomas Gordon and Margaret Drummond, 28 May 1836.

Living in Alloa at time of marriage Dec 1858.
Living at Abbey Road Place, Stirling at time of father's death Aug 1893.


Alias Isabella GORDON
Born ABT 1840
Died BEF 1919


Isabella GORDON [P1223]

Born 8 Jun 1864, Kildean, St Ninians, Stirling3

Duncan GORDON [P923]

Born ABT 1877, St Ninians, Stirling4

James GORDON [P921]

Born ABT 1879, St Ninians, Stirling5
Occupation: Perambulator hanger
Living at 2 George St, Stirling at time of father's death 1919.

Georgina GORDON [P924]

Born ABT 1881, Stirling6
Occupation: Seamstress


1901 Census at 1 Abbey Road Place, Stirling.
Thomas Gordon, hd,age 64, general labourer, b. Fossaway, Kinrosshire
Isabella P Gordon, wf, age 61, b.Clackmannanshire
Duncan Gordon, s, sgl, age 24, b. St Ninians, Stirling
James Gordon, s, sgl, age 22, perambulator hanger, b. St Ninians, Stirling
Georgina Gordon, dau, sgl, age 20, seamstress, b. Stirling


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