Family [F146]



Thomas GORDON [P407] = Margaret DRUMMOND [P408]

Married 4 Nov 1832, Kinross1


Born 15 Sep 1810, Kinross2
Christened 23 Sep 1810, Kinross3
Died 6 Aug 1893, Kennet, Clackmannan4
Occupation: Roadman, ploughman, labourer, dairyman
Cause of death: Chronic diarrhoea
Ext. OPR c. Kinross par., Kinross: "Thomas Gordon son of Thomas Gordon in Rushfield, Annafreuch, by Isabel Scotland, his wife was born 15 and baptised sab. 23 Sept 1810, by Mr. Graham [from Fossaway]".


Alias Margaret GORDON (4 Nov 1832)
Born 1813, Tillicoultry5
Died 28 Apr 1888, Green, Clackmannan6
Cause of death: Old age
No record of birth found but marriage and Censuses of 1851,1861,1871 & 1881 point to 1813, Tillicoultry.

Ext. 1881 Census of Clackmannan par., Clackmannan: At 113 Green Cottages Thomas Gordon (head), age 70, no occupation, b. Kinross, Kinrossshire and Margaret Drummond (wife), age 68, b. Tillicoultry.


Jane Cairns GORDON [P409]

Christened 27 Apr 1833, Saline
Died 12 Jan 1904, Kennet, Clackmannan7
Occupation: Dressmaker
Cause of death: Apoplexy, sudden
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Saline Par., Fife: Jane Cairns Gordon to Thomas Gordon and Margaret Drummond, 27 Apr 1833.

Never married.

Thomas GORDON [P410] = Isabella PATERSON [P920] > Family [F256]

Married 3 Dec 1858, Clackmannan8


Christened 28 May 1836, Saline
Died 14 Oct 1919, Abbey Road Place, Stirling9
Occupation: Storekeeper, ploughman, labourer
Cause of death: Chronic rheumatism, ulcer of leg
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Saline par., Fife: Thomas Gordon to Thomas Gordon and Margaret Drummond, 28 May 1836.

Living in Alloa at time of marriage Dec 1858.
Living at Abbey Road Place, Stirling at time of father's death Aug 1893.


Alias Isabella GORDON
Born ABT 1840
Died BEF 1919

William Drummond GORDON [P324] = Jane HUNTER [P325] > Family [F118]

Married 15 Jun 1860, Westfield, Clackmannan10

William Drummond GORDON

Christened 24 Mar 1838, Saline, Fife
Died 24 Jul 1883, Clackmannan11
Occupation: Grocer, coal grieve, harbour master
Cause of death: Pneumonia with general weakness12
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Saline par., Fife: William Gordon to Thomas Gordon and Margaret Drummond, 24 Mar 1838.

There's a story that he caught pneumonia as a result of painting an old woman's room as a favour and soaking his clothes with paint.


Alias Jane GORDON (15 Jun 1860)
Born 22 Sep 1838, Westfield, Clackmannan13
Christened 7 Oct 1838, Clackmannan14
Died 16 Oct 1916, Castle Street, Clackmannan15
Buried Clackmannan cemetery16
Cause of death: Gallstones, carcinoma liver, exhaustion
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Clackmannan: Jane Hunter to Robert Hunter and Helen Sharp (m. 16Jan1831), 7Oct1838.

James GORDON [P411]

Christened 5 Mar 1845, Saline
Died 2 May 1861, Cowstrandburn, Saline17
Cause of death: Typhoid fever, 12 days
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Saline par., Fife: James Gordon to Thomas Gordon and Margaret Drummond, 5 Mar 1845.

Never married, died aged 16.

Margaret Drummond GORDON [P412] = Robert HOGG [P922] > Family [F257]

Married 12 Aug 1880, Toll Road, Kincardine, Tulliallan18

Margaret Drummond GORDON

Alias Margaret Drummond HOGG (12 Aug 1880)
Christened 26 Feb 1851, Saline
Died 26 Apr 1930, Mardrum Ho?, Strone, Argyll19
Cause of death: Carcinoma of colon
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Saline par., Fife: Margaret Drummond Gordon to Thomas Gordon and Margaret Drummond, 26 Feb 1851.

Robert HOGG

Born ABT 1843
Died BEF 1930
Occupation: Mason


Ext. OPR m. for Kinross par., Kinross: "Thomas Gordon and Margaret Drummond, both of this parish, were proclaimed in the Church here in order to Marriage on Sabbath, the 4th of November 1832, 1st time".

1841 Census at New Blairingone, Fossoway, Kinrossshire:
Thomas Gordon, age 30, tollkeeper, not b. in county
Margaret Gordon, age 25, b. in county
Jane Gordon, age 8, not b. in county
Thomas Gordon, age 3, not b. in county
William Gordon, age 5, not b. in county
[ages for Thomas & William have been reversed]
It seems likely that the family were living in Blairingone when each of the children were born but that Margaret went to her mother Williamina's in Saline for the births. The children later persisted in stating that they were born in Fossoway (Blairingone).

1851 Census at West Saline Toll, Fife:
Thomas Gordon, hd, age 40, road labourer, b. Kinross
Margaret Gordon, wife, age 38, b. Tillicoultry
Jane Gordon, dau, age 17, b. Kinross
Thomas Gordon, son, age 14, scholar, b. Fossoway, Perthshire
William Gordon, son, age 13, scholar, b. Fossoway, Perthshire
James Gordon, son, age 6, b. Saline, Fife
Margaret Gordon, dau, age 2mnths, b. Saline, Fife

1861 Census at Cowstrandburn, Saline, Fife:
Thomas Gordon (head), m., age 50, labourer, b. Kinross, Kinrossshire
Margaret Gordon (wife), m., age 48, b. Tillicoultry, Clackmannan
Jane Cairns Gordon (dau), unm., age 27, b. Kinross, Kinrossshire
James Gordon (son), unm., age 16, b. Saline, Fife
Margaret Drummond Gordon (dau), age 10, scholar, b. Saline, Fife
William Drummond Gordon had married the previous year and was living at Muirside Mains. Thomas had married in 1858. James was to die of typhoid within a month of the census.

1871 census: High St, Clackmannan:
Thomas Gordon, Head, potato dealer, age 60, born Kinross
Margaret Gordon, Wife, age 58, born Tillicoultry

1881 census: Green Cottage, Clackmannan:
Thomas Gordon, Head, No occupation, age 70, born Kinross
Margaret Gordon, Wife, age 68, born Tillicoultry

1891 census: Kennet Village:
Thomas Gordon, hd, widwr, Formerly Ag Lab, age 80, born Kinross
2 doors down:
Jane C Gordon, hd, unm, seamstress, age 57, born Kinross
[she was actually born in Saline]


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