Family [F198]



Robert GORDON1 [P674] = Catherine MATHIE2 [P686]

Married 3 Mar 1765, Strathmiglo3


Died BEF 1861
Occupation: Miller4

Catherine MATHIE

Alias Catherine MATTHEW
Alias Catherine GORDON
Died BEF 1861


Margaret GORDON [P1227]

Christened 10 Mar 1771, Kemback, Fife5

John GORDON [P1226]

Born 5 May 1773, Auchmutie Mill, Markinch, Fife6
Christened 9 May 1773, Markinch, Fife7

David GORDON [P981]

Born ABT 1777, Burntisland or Kinnesswood8
Died 18 Jun 1863, Kinnesswood, Portmoak9
Occupation: Labourer
Cause of death: Apoplexy 8 days

William GORDON [P1225]

Christened 10 Aug 1777, Ballingry, Fife10

Janet GORDON [P675]

Born ABT 1779, Auchtertool or Ballingry, Fife11
Died 23 Nov 1861, Thos. GORDON's house, Kinross12
Cause of death: Senilitas
For censuses see P413.

Thomas GORDON [P413] = Isabel SCOTLAND [P414] > Family [F147]


Christened 20 May 1781, Arngask Parish, Fife13
Died 16 Dec 1870, Kinross14
Occupation: Servant at Rushfield, Annafrech, Kinross and Carrier
Cause of death: Bronchitis
Arngask par. was formerly split between Fife, Kinross & Perth but was made wholly within Perthshire in 1891.

Annafrech has had a multitude of spellings (see "Kinross-shire and it's owners"). At the time of Thomas GORDON the owner (but not necessarily the occupier) was one of the Flockhart family.

Ext. 1841 Census of Kinross, Kinrossshire:
(a) Description of Enumeration District 6: "So much of the Parish of Kinross as lies on the South and South West thereof including all the Houses on the Great North Road from Thomas Gordon's to Gairney Bank inclusive then Hatch Bank, Annafrech, Rushfield ...".
(b) The entry for Hawthorn Vale: "Thomas Gordon, age 59, carrier, born [in Scotland but not in Kinrossshire]".
Hawthorn Vale is shown on the main North-South road on the OS 1st Ed map and is still a residence today.
(c) The census has no other mention of Rushfield (maybe it was empty) and Annafrech is occupied by a William Normand.

1851 census at Hawthornvale, Kinross:
Thomas Gordon, hd, wid, age 69, carrier, b. Arngask
Janet Gordon, sister, wid, age 72, ag lab's widow, b. Auchtertool, Fife

1861 Census at "off main road", Kinross: (adjacent addresses are Hopefield and "Town Kinross off Piper Row")
Thomas Gordon, hd, wid, age 81, retired carrier, b. Arngask, Fife
Janet Gordon, sister, wid, age 84, ag lab's widow, b. Ballingry, Fife


Alias Isabel GORDON
Died BEF 1842
Possible births (spec), Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Tulliallan par., Perthshire:
Isabel Scotland to George Scotland and Helen Toach, 11 Jan 1778
Isabel Scotland to Thomas Scotland and Elizabeth Miller, 18 Mar 1787
Isabel Scotland to James Scotland and Janet Lawson, 16 Mar 1788

Murdoch GORDON [P984]

Alias Murdy GORDON
Christened 12 Jan 1783, Arngask Parish, Fife15
Died 2 Jun 1855, Penneyhall, Cleish16
Buried Cleish parish churchyard17
Occupation: Agricultural labourer
Cause of death: Apoplexy 12 days
Died a pauper according to his death certificate. Died 9 days after his wife although he became ill 3 days before she died.


Lived at Blebo Mills, Kemback, Fife in 1771 (from Kemback OPR).
Lived at Auchmuty Mill, Markinch in 1773 (from Markinch OPR).
Lived at Glendy Mill, Glenfarg around 1782 (from the Arngask OPR).


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