Family [F148]



William DRUMMOND [P421] = William Eugenia CAIRNS [P422]

Married 20 Nov 1807, Canongate par., Edinburgh1


Born 1 Apr 1780, Muthill, Perthshire2
Died 12 Nov 1856, Saline, Fife3
Buried Saline old churchyard
Occupation: Farm labourer at age 27. Later a grocer in Saline, Fife.4
Cause of death: Old age & gradual decay
See inventory and will from Cupar Sheriff Court, dated 1 Jan 1857.

Extract of death certificate:
William Drummond, grocer, married, d. 12 Nov 1856 11:30PM at Saline. Male age 78. Parents: William Drummond, farmer; Margaret Drummond M/S: Donaldson. Cause of death: old age & gradual decay (not certified). Informant: Thomas Gordon; son-in-law of West Saline. Buried: Saline, by James Edward, wright, Saline.

William Eugenia CAIRNS

Alias Williamina Eugenia DRUMMOND
Born 9 Feb 1786, Tillicoultry, Clackmannan5
Christened 19 Feb 1786, Tillicoultry, Clackmannan6
Died 4 Aug 1864, Saline, Fife7
Buried Saline old churchyard
Cause of death: Old age
Extract of Death Certificate:
William Euginia Drummond, widow of William Drummond (grocer, Saline), d. 4 Aug 1864 6AM at Saline, female, age 76, father: Andrew Cairns (occupation: wright), mother: Elizabeth Cairns (ms: Maxwell), cause of death: old age, informant: William Edward, wright, Saline, present.


Margaret DRUMMOND [P408] = Thomas GORDON [P407] > Family [F146]

Married 4 Nov 1832, Kinross8


Alias Margaret GORDON (4 Nov 1832)
Born 1813, Tillicoultry9
Died 28 Apr 1888, Green, Clackmannan10
Cause of death: Old age
No record of birth found but marriage and Censuses of 1851,1861,1871 & 1881 point to 1813, Tillicoultry.

Ext. 1881 Census of Clackmannan par., Clackmannan: At 113 Green Cottages Thomas Gordon (head), age 70, no occupation, b. Kinross, Kinrossshire and Margaret Drummond (wife), age 68, b. Tillicoultry.


Born 15 Sep 1810, Kinross11
Christened 23 Sep 1810, Kinross12
Died 6 Aug 1893, Kennet, Clackmannan13
Occupation: Roadman, ploughman, labourer, dairyman
Cause of death: Chronic diarrhoea
Ext. OPR c. Kinross par., Kinross: "Thomas Gordon son of Thomas Gordon in Rushfield, Annafreuch, by Isabel Scotland, his wife was born 15 and baptised sab. 23 Sept 1810, by Mr. Graham [from Fossaway]".

Jane DRUMMOND [P848]

Born ABT 1824, Muckhart14
Died 8 Mar 1900, Parkside, Polmont15
Cause of death: Seline debility

Elizabeth DRUMMOND16 [P659]

Alias Elizabeth WILSON


1841 census at 40, New Road, Kinross (Orwell parish):
William Drummond, age 60, of independent means, not born in parish
Euginea Drummond, age 50, not born in parish
Jane Drummond, age 15, not born in parish
Jane Wilson, age 8, b. Orwell parish

1851 census at Saline village:
William Drummond, hd, mar, age 73, grocer, b. Muthill, Perthshire
Jane Drummond [Williamina], wife, mar, age 63, b. Tillicoultry
Jane C Wilson, gnd-dau, unm, age 18, b. Kinross

1861 census at Saline village:
William E Drummond [Williamina], hd, wid, age 74[female], grocer, b. Tillicoultry
Jane C Wilson, gnd-dau, unm, age 27, b. Kinross


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