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Thomas Drummond GORDON [P362] = Elizabeth Charleston CALDERHEAD [P363]

Married 9 Oct 1891, Vancouver, BC, Canada1

Thomas Drummond GORDON

Born 7 May 1861, Muirside, Saline, Fife2
Died 16 Jan 1919, Ladysmith, BC, Canada3
Buried 17 Jan 1919, Ladusmith, BC
Occupation: Mining engineer
Cause of death: Heart failure, Pernicious anemia

Elizabeth Charleston CALDERHEAD

Alias Elizabeth Charleston GORDON
Born 16 Apr 1865, 28 High Castle Hill, Stirling4
Died 4 Apr 1954, St Marys Priory, Colwood, BC, Canada5
Buried 6 Apr 1954, Ladysmith, BC
Cause of death: Congestive heart failure


Elizabeth Charleston Calderhead GORDON [P364]

Alias Lila GORDON
Alias Elizabeth Charleston Calderhead HOWARTH
Born 27 May 1896, Wellington, BC, Canada6
Died Duncan, BC, Canada7

Jane Hunter GORDON [P365]

Alias Jean Hunter HAYWARD
Born 29 Sep 1898, Wellington, BC, Canada8

Helen Mary GORDON [P366]

Alias Maimie GORDON
Alias Helen Mary WYNNE
Born 27 Jun 1900, Main St, Clackmannan9
Died Kamloops, BC, Canada10
Occupation: Schoolteacher
Cause of death: Tuberculosis

William Drummond GORDON [P367]

Born 18 Feb 1902, Ladysmith, BC, Canada11
Died Ladysmith General Hospital, BC, Canada12
Buried Cremated, Ladysmith
Occupation: Longshoreman, coal miner
Cause of death: Staphiococcal pneumonia 5 days

Thomas Drummond GORDON [P369]

Born 5 Jan 1907, Ladysmith, BC, Canada13
Died Kamloops, BC14
Occupation: Coal miner
Cause of death: Tuberculosis


It looks like the family made a voyage back to Scotland around 1898-1900. Helen Mary was born in Clackmannan in 1900. Thomas's brother William and sisters Helen and Maggie (with her new husband Joe WHITE) all left for Canada in 1898.


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