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William Drummond GORDON [P360] = Grace LOVE [P361]

Married 29 Aug 1898, Nanaimo, BC, Canada1

William Drummond GORDON

Born 26 Jan 1870, Clackmannan
Died 9 Jun 1949, Duncan, BC, Canada2
Occupation: Engineer, Mayor of Drumheller AB3
Ext. Idx. Stat. b. in county of Clackmannan: William Drummond Gordon to William Drummond Gordon and Jane Hunter, 26Jan1870, Clackmannan.

Grace LOVE

Alias Grace GORDON
Died 6 Aug 1937, Victoria Rd, Ladysmith, BC, Canada4
Cause of death: Myocardial heart disease, Thyrotoxicosis


Proc. of Banns: William of Carnock Par., Jane of Clackmannan Par., Witness James GORDON.

1901 Census: Extension, BC, Canada.
William Gordon, hd, engineer, b. 26 Jan 1870, Scotland, imm 1898
Grace Gordon, wf, b. 7 Mar 1872, Scotland, imm 1898


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On 1901 census BC, Canada

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