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James Wallace LOUDON [P346] = Helen Sharp GORDON1 [P345]

Married 7 Nov 1892, Victoria, BC, Canada2

James Wallace LOUDON

Born 24 Oct 1857, Glasgow3
Died 3 Dec 1932, Nanaimo, BC4
Buried 7 Dec 1932, Nanaimo5
Occupation: Stableman, farmer
Cause of death: Pneumonia
Emigrated to BC, Canada 1888-89.
Residence at time of death was Wellington, BC.

Helen Sharp GORDON

Alias Helen LOUDON
Born 19 Jul 1865, Hillend, Clackmannan
Died 10 Jul 1953, Nanaimo Hospital, Canada6
Buried 13 Jul 1953, Nanaimo
Occupation: Worsted worker (age 15)7
Ext. Idx. Stat. b. in county of Clackmannan: Helen Gordon to William Drummond Gordon and Jane Hunter, 19Jul1865, Clackmannan.


John LOUDON [P354]

Born 12 Jul 1894, Wellington, BC, Canada8
Died Nanaimo General Hospital, BC, Canada9
Occupation: Machinist, Canadian Pacific Railway
Cause of death: Coronary Infarction
Address at time of father's death 202 Edward St, Victoria, BC.
Was in Canadian Army in WWI and he and his brother William were posted to Scotland where they met P204 Jane HG RAMAGE (who must only have been aged around 11).

Jeanne Hunter LOUDON [P347]

Born 7 Oct 1895, Wellington, BC, Canada10

William Drummond LOUDON [P353]

Born 5 Nov 1897, Wellington, BC, Canada11
Died Nanaimo Regional Hospital, BC, Canada12
Occupation: Farmer, coal miner
Cause of death: Acute left ventrical failure, heart disease
Name on birth certificate was originally William Gordon LOUDON but was changed in 1962.
Was in Canadian Army in WWI and he and his brother John were posted to Scotland where they met P204 Jane HG RAMAGE (who must only have been aged around 11).

Agnes Frew LOUDON [P356]

Born 15 Aug 1899, BC, Canada13
Died Wellington, BC, Canada14
Buried Nanaimo, BC
Occupation: Nurse
Cause of death: Pulmonary tuberculosis
Never married.

James Wallace LOUDON [P357]

Born 24 Sep 1901, Wellington, BC, Canada15
Died 744 Wilson St, Victoria, BC16
Buried Royal Oak Burial Park, Victoria, BC
Occupation: Locomotive Engineer
Cause of death: Cerebral infarction, pneumonia

Gordon LOUDON [P358]


1901 Census at Wellington Mountain, Nanaimo North, BC, Canada.
James Loudon, hd, age 34, b. 19Jun 1867, Scotland, imm 1889
Ellen Loudon, wf, age 30, b. 28 Feb 1870?, imm 1892
John Loudon, s, age 6, b. BC
Jeanie Loudon, dau, age 5, b. BC
William Loudon, s, age 3, b. BC
Agnes Loudon, dau, age 1, b. BC


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