Family [F119]



James Watters GREIG [P327] = Catherine Hunter GORDON [P326]

Married 1908

James Watters GREIG

Born ABT 1876
Died 8 Mar 1922, Alva1
Buried Alva cemetery
Occupation: Ironmonger in Alva

Catherine Hunter GORDON

Alias Catherine Hunter GREIG (1908)
Born 2 Jun 1879
Died 23 Mar 1956, Alva2
Buried Alva cemetery


Thomas GREIG [P328]

Born 9 Aug 1910
Buried Alva cemetery

Jane GREIG [P330]

Born ABT 1919

William Drummond Gordon GREIG [P329]

Address: 90 West James Street, Alva in 1951.


Picture in Alva: note on back written by Jane Ramage [P204] "Aunt Kate, cousin Jean, Rae, Billy and me, Willie, Doris and someone else".


1 : "Tombstone"; Primary evidence

2 : "Tombstone"; Primary evidence

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