Family [F149]



Robert HUNTER [P423] = Helen SHARP [P424]

Married 16 Jan 1831, Clackmannan1


Christened 10 Dec 1810, Clackmannan2
Died 14 Jan 1880, Westfield, Clackmannan3
Occupation: Coal weigher, miner4
Cause of death: Chronic bronchitis, general debility, years


Alias Helen HUNTER (16 Jan 1831)
Born 21 Mar 1811, Clackmannan
Died 18 Jan 1876, Westfield, Clackmannan5
Cause of death: Bronchitis 3mnths


Mary HUNTER [P431]

Born 22 Jun 1834, Westfield, Clackmannan6
Christened 3 Jul 1834, Clackmannan7
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Clackmannan par., Clackmannan: Mary Hunter to Robert Hunter and Helen Sharp, 3Jul1834.

Helen HUNTER [P639]

Alias Helen WHITE (7 Dec 1857)
Born 15 Sep 1836, Westfield, Clackmannan8
Christened 18 Sep 1836, Clackmannan9

Jane HUNTER [P325] = William Drummond GORDON [P324] > Family [F118]

Married 15 Jun 1860, Westfield, Clackmannan10


Alias Jane GORDON (15 Jun 1860)
Born 22 Sep 1838, Westfield, Clackmannan11
Christened 7 Oct 1838, Clackmannan12
Died 16 Oct 1916, Castle Street, Clackmannan13
Buried Clackmannan cemetery14
Cause of death: Gallstones, carcinoma liver, exhaustion
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Clackmannan: Jane Hunter to Robert Hunter and Helen Sharp (m. 16Jan1831), 7Oct1838.

William Drummond GORDON

Christened 24 Mar 1838, Saline, Fife
Died 24 Jul 1883, Clackmannan15
Occupation: Grocer, coal grieve, harbour master
Cause of death: Pneumonia with general weakness16
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Saline par., Fife: William Gordon to Thomas Gordon and Margaret Drummond, 24 Mar 1838.

There's a story that he caught pneumonia as a result of painting an old woman's room as a favour and soaking his clothes with paint.

Catherine HUNTER [P425]

Born 17 Sep 1840, Clackmannan17
Christened 20 Sep 1840, Clackmannan18
Died 27 Apr 1923, Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada19
Buried Union cemetery, Fort Macleod20
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Clackmannan par., Clackmannan: Catherine Hunter to Robert Hunter and Helen Sharp, 20Sep1840.

Robert HUNTER [P426]

Born 29 Jul 1842, Westfield, Clackmannan21
Christened 14 Aug 1842, Clackmannan22

Margaret HUNTER [P427]

Born 8 Aug 1844, Westfield, Clackmannan23
Christened 1 Sep 1844, Clackmannan24

Peter HUNTER [P428]

Born 30 Dec 1846, Westfield, Clackmannan25
Christened 17 Jan 1847, Clackmannan26
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Clackmannan par., Clackmannan: Peter Hunter to Robert Hunter and Helen Sharp, 17 Jan 1847.

Anne HUNTER [P429]

Born 4 Apr 1850, Westfield, Clackmannan27
Christened 21 Apr 1850, Clackmannan28
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Clackmannan par., Clackmannan: Anne Hunter to Robert Hunter and Helen Sharp, 21Apr1850.

Cecilia HUNTER [P430]

Born 21 Jul 1852, Westfield, Clackmannan29
Christened 8 Aug 1852, Clackmannan30
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Clackmannan par., Clackmannan: Cecilia Hunter to Robert Hunter and Helen Sharp, 8Aug1852.


1861 Census at 38 Westfield Row, Clackmannan.
  Robert Hunter (head), age 50, m., coal weigher, b. Clackmannan, Clackmannan
  Helen Hunter (wife), age 50, m., b. do.
  Catherine Hunter (dau.), age 20, unm., dressmaker, b. do.
  Robert Hunter (son), age 18, unm., coal miner, b. do.
  Margaret Hunter (dau), age 16, unm., domestic servant, b. do.
  [Jane Hunter had married and moved to Muirside Mains]

1871 Census at Westfield, Clackmannan.
  Robert Hunter (head), age 60, m., coal grieve, b. Clackmannanshire
  Helen Hunter (wife), age 60, m., b. do.
I need to confirm the list of children.

All the women folk
All the women folk


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