Family [F118]



William Drummond GORDON [P324] = Jane HUNTER [P325]

Married 15 Jun 1860, Westfield, Clackmannan1

William Drummond GORDON

Christened 24 Mar 1838, Saline, Fife
Died 24 Jul 1883, Clackmannan2
Occupation: Grocer, coal grieve, harbour master
Cause of death: Pneumonia with general weakness3
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Saline par., Fife: William Gordon to Thomas Gordon and Margaret Drummond, 24 Mar 1838.

There's a story that he caught pneumonia as a result of painting an old woman's room as a favour and soaking his clothes with paint.


Alias Jane GORDON (15 Jun 1860)
Born 22 Sep 1838, Westfield, Clackmannan4
Christened 7 Oct 1838, Clackmannan5
Died 16 Oct 1916, Castle Street, Clackmannan6
Buried Clackmannan cemetery7
Cause of death: Gallstones, carcinoma liver, exhaustion
Ext. Idx. OPR c. for Clackmannan: Jane Hunter to Robert Hunter and Helen Sharp (m. 16Jan1831), 7Oct1838.


Thomas Drummond GORDON [P362] = Elizabeth Charleston CALDERHEAD [P363] > Family [F132]

Married 9 Oct 1891, Vancouver, BC, Canada8

Thomas Drummond GORDON

Born 7 May 1861, Muirside, Saline, Fife9
Died 16 Jan 1919, Ladysmith, BC, Canada10
Buried 17 Jan 1919, Ladusmith, BC
Occupation: Mining engineer
Cause of death: Heart failure, Pernicious anemia

Elizabeth Charleston CALDERHEAD

Alias Elizabeth Charleston GORDON
Born 16 Apr 1865, 28 High Castle Hill, Stirling11
Died 4 Apr 1954, St Marys Priory, Colwood, BC, Canada12
Buried 6 Apr 1954, Ladysmith, BC
Cause of death: Congestive heart failure

Robert Hunter GORDON [P338] = Jean ALLEN [P339] > Family [F123]

Married 13 Jun 1913, St. Giles, Edinburgh13

Robert Hunter GORDON

Born 27 Jul 1863, Westfield, Clackmannan
Died 17 Apr 1951, Orchard House, Stirling14
Buried Clackmannan cemetery15
Occupation: Distillery labourer (age 17), gardener16
Cause of death: Senility, circulatory failure
Ext. Idx. Stat. b. in county of Clackmannan: Robert Hunter Gordon to William Drummond Gordon and Jane Hunter, 27Jul1863, Clackmannan.
Robert also emigrated to Canada but didn't like it and returned to Scotland.
Orchard House was a nursing home; Robert was very ill in his later years and appeared to be staying with his nephew William DG Greig in Alva.
Robert was the informant on his brother James's death certificate in 1939.


Alias Jean GORDON
Died BEF 1951
Buried Clackmannan cemetery17

Helen Sharp GORDON18 [P345] = James Wallace LOUDON [P346] > Family [F126]

Married 7 Nov 1892, Victoria, BC, Canada19

Helen Sharp GORDON

Alias Helen LOUDON
Born 19 Jul 1865, Hillend, Clackmannan
Died 10 Jul 1953, Nanaimo Hospital, Canada20
Buried 13 Jul 1953, Nanaimo
Occupation: Worsted worker (age 15)21
Ext. Idx. Stat. b. in county of Clackmannan: Helen Gordon to William Drummond Gordon and Jane Hunter, 19Jul1865, Clackmannan.

James Wallace LOUDON

Born 24 Oct 1857, Glasgow22
Died 3 Dec 1932, Nanaimo, BC23
Buried 7 Dec 1932, Nanaimo24
Occupation: Stableman, farmer
Cause of death: Pneumonia
Emigrated to BC, Canada 1888-89.
Residence at time of death was Wellington, BC.

Margaret Hunter Drummond GORDON [P340] = Joseph WHITE [P341] > Family [F124]

Married 22 Sep 1898, Clackmannan25

Margaret Hunter Drummond GORDON

Alias Margaret Hunter Drummond WHITE
Born 6 Nov 1867, Clackmannan
Died 19 Sep 1956, Nanaimo, BC, Canada26
Buried 21 Sep 1956, Nanaimo
Occupation: Domestic servant (age 13)27
Cause of death: Myocardial failure
Ext. Idx. Stat. b. in county of Clackmannan: Margaret Hunter Drummond Gordon to William Drummond Gordon and Jane Hunter, 6Nov1867, Clackmannan.
See obituaries and death notices.

Joseph WHITE

Born 11 Mar 1869, Scotland28
Died 27 Oct 1904, Extension, BC, Canada29
Occupation: Coal miner, postmaster
Cause of death: Consumption of hip joint 5yrs

William Drummond GORDON [P360] = Grace LOVE [P361] > Family [F131]

Married 29 Aug 1898, Nanaimo, BC, Canada30

William Drummond GORDON

Born 26 Jan 1870, Clackmannan
Died 9 Jun 1949, Duncan, BC, Canada31
Occupation: Engineer, Mayor of Drumheller AB32
Ext. Idx. Stat. b. in county of Clackmannan: William Drummond Gordon to William Drummond Gordon and Jane Hunter, 26Jan1870, Clackmannan.

Grace LOVE

Alias Grace GORDON
Died 6 Aug 1937, Victoria Rd, Ladysmith, BC, Canada33
Cause of death: Myocardial heart disease, Thyrotoxicosis

    = Mary Anne COLE [P868] > Family [F244]

Mary Anne COLE

Alias Mary Anne GORDON
Born 14 Feb 1888, Bracebridge, Ontario34
Died Chemainus General Hospital, BC, Canada35
Cause of death: Cerebral thrombosis

James GORDON [P337]

Born 16 Jun 1872, Clackmannan
Died 11 Apr 1939, 15 Castle St, Clackmannan36
Buried Clackmannan cemetery37
Occupation: Coal grieve, tailor
Cause of death: Pernicious anaemia
Never married.

Mary Jane Hunter GORDON [P282]

Alias Mary Jane Hunter RAMAGE (29 Dec 1904)
Born 7 Jul 1876, Clackmannan38
Died 12 Jul 1930
Buried Sunnyside, Alloa
Ext. Stat. b. in county of Clackmannan: "Mary Jane Hunter Gordon 7Jul1876 at Craigton Place, Clackmannan, 5:30pm, William Drummond Gordon, coal weigher and harbourmaster (fa.), Jane Hunter (mo.), m. 15Jun1860 at Westfield, Clackmannan par.".

Catherine Hunter GORDON [P326] = James Watters GREIG [P327] > Family [F119]

Married 1908

Catherine Hunter GORDON

Alias Catherine Hunter GREIG (1908)
Born 2 Jun 1879
Died 23 Mar 1956, Alva39
Buried Alva cemetery

James Watters GREIG

Born ABT 1876
Died 8 Mar 1922, Alva40
Buried Alva cemetery
Occupation: Ironmonger in Alva

Ann Hunter GORDON [P335] = Alexander Maxwell MCLEAN [P336] > Family [F122]

Ann Hunter GORDON

Alias Ann MCLEAN
Alias Ann Hunter MCLEAN
Born 14 Jun 1882, Clackmannan41
Buried Clackmannan cemetery42

Alexander Maxwell MCLEAN

Buried 13 Aug 1927, Clackmannan cemetery43
Occupation: Painter/decorator in Alloa
Had a shop in Candleriggs in Alloa. Was also an artist; some of his paintings survive.


Ext. Stat. 'm. in county of Clackmannan:
  "15Jun1860 at Westfield between William Gordon of Newbigging, age 22, Thomas Gordon - farmer (fa.), Margaret Drummond (mo.) and Jane Hunter of Westfield, age 21, Robert Hunter - miner (fa.), Helen Sharp (mo.). Witnessed by James Gordon and Robert Hunter".

1861 Census: Muirside Mains, Kenneder, Saline, Fife.
  William Gordon (head), m., age 23, ploughman, b. Kinross, Kinrossshire
  Jane Gordon (wife) m., age 22, b. Clackmannan, Clackmannan.
  [Farm owned by Andrew Craigie and described as "farmer of 190 acres employing 3 ... labour and 1 boy]

1871 Census: Coalfold, Clackmannan.
  William Gordon (head), age 33, coal grieve, b. Perthshire, Fossoway
  [Clearly confused about his place of birth; his parents were living in Blairingone, Fossoway when he was born, but he was born in Saline, Fife; probably because his grandmother Williamina CAIRNS lived there]
  Jane Gordon (wife) age 32, b. Clackmannan
  Thomas Gordon (son), age 9, scholar, b. Carnock, Fife
  Robert H Gordon (son), age 7, scholar, b. Clackmannan
  Helen Gordon (dau), age 5, scholar, b. Clackmannan
  Margaret HD Gordon (dau), age 3, b. Clackmannan
  (Robert H)? Gordon (son), age 1, b. Clackmannan [must be William D]

1881 Census: 40 Main Street, Clackmannan.
  William Drummond Gordon (head), age 43, Shopman Co-op Soc., b. Perthshire, Fossoway
  Jane Hunter (wife) age 42, b. Clackmannan
  Thomas Gordon (son), age 19, blacksmith's apprentice, b. Saline, Fife
  Robert Gordon (son), age 17, distillery labourer, b. Clackmannan
  Helen Gordon (dau), age 15, worsted worker, b. Clackmannan
  Margaret Drummond Gordon (dau), age 13, domestic servant, b. Clackmannan
  William Drummond Gordon (son), age 11, b. Clackmannan

1891 Census: Kirk Wynd, Clackmannan.
  Jane Gordon (head), wid, age 51, b. Clackmannan
  Thomas Gordon (son), age 29, fitters labourer in shipyard, b. Saline, Fife
  Robert Gordon (son), age 27, fitters labourer in shipyard, b. Clackmannan
  Helen Gordon (dau), age 25, dressmaker, b. Clackmannan
  Margaret Gordon (dau), age 23, worker in woollen factory, b. Clackmannan
  William Gordon (son), age 21, brickmaker, b. Clackmannan
  James Gordon (son), age 18, tailors apprentice, b. Clackmannan
  Mary J Gordon (dau), age 14, piecer [?] in woollen factory, b. Clackmannan
  Catherine Gordon (dau), age 11, scholar, b. Clackmannan
  Annie Gordon (dau), age 8, scholar, b. Clackmannan

1901 Census: Main St, Clackmannan.
  Jane H Gordon (head), wid, age 62, merchant on own account working at home, b. Clackmannan
  Robert H Gordon (son), sgl, age 37, coal miner, b. Clackmannan
  James Gordon (son), sgl, age 28, labourer, b. Clackmannan
  Mary Jane H Gordon (dau), sgl, age 24, factory worker, b. Clackmannan
  Catherine H Gordon (dau), sgl, age 21, factory worker, b. Clackmannan
  Annie H Gordon (dau), sgl, age 18, dressmaker, working at home, b. Clackmannan
  [Thomas and Helen had emmigrated to Canada (BC) in 1891. Margaret and William followed in 1898]

1891 in Scotland before Thomas emigrated
1891 in Scotland before Thomas emigrated

Mary and Catherine about 1910
Mary and Catherine about 1910


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